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Find out everything you need to know in order to break into a new career or advance in your current profession. Use the careers list to pinpoint the skills you need to develop for professional success.

There are several ways to make the process of finding yourself the right career a comprehensive and convenient one. For example, there are job search tools that are overlaid with psychological and skills assessment, such as made available from the government. What is common about these questionnaires or tools is that they make the career search a systematic procedure with logical categories to help narrow down your choices.

Generally, the first section aims to find out more about your personal interests. What kind of career do you envision yourself in? Is it people-oriented or research-oriented work? Does it relate more to the arts or the sciences, or even both? Through a series of carefully designed questions, it either helps to provide an analytical breakdown of your personal interests or give you suggestions on possible career paths that might be compatible with them. Secondly, it will, through a series of questions, try to find out more about your personality traits. With that, it might be easier to suggest or recommend some careers that better suit your personality profile.

Thirdly, it will try to find out more about your strengths and skills, which would put you in good stead in the job market. For example, your artistic talents and eye for detail might make you an attractive employee for design-related industries. Alternatively, if you have a good mind for numbers and can quickly grasp financial concepts, the financial or accounting industry might be an option for you. With this background information, it will then provide you with some shortlisted career options, each accompanied with greater details about the job descriptions and career prospects, so that you can make a more informed choice.

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