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Recruiter Index®: March 2021

No one understands the talent market like the recruiters, HR professionals, and talent acquisition e

Recruiter Index®: February 2021

No one understands the talent market like the recruiters, HR professionals, and talent acquisition e

The New Rules of Recruiting 2021

After a decade of dominance, the job seeker’s market ended with the arrival of COVID-19. Now, empl

Recruiter Index

COVID-19 has changed the world. That much is clear. Less clear, however, are the particular nat

Defining the Moments That Matter: A Hiring Experience That Both Recruiters and Candidates Love

For a comprehensive interview technology platform that supports personalized, transparent, conv

Let Your Recruiters Be Superstars: Why Automated Interview Scheduling Is the Hottest Recruiting Tech of 2019

When selecting an automated scheduling software, employers have choices. Would you prefer an event

Intentional AI: 6 Common Talent Acquisition Challenges AI Can Help You Solve

From the way some people talk, you’d think artificial intelligence (AI) were a miracle cure for w

Don’t Get Buried in the Candidate Crush: Why Your Team Needs a Text-Enabled Recruiting Platform

There’s no denying the recruitment technology boom has brought real, powerful innovation to recr

Building a Data-Driven Enterprise Recruiting Process

For a long time, organizations saw talent acquisition (TA) as little more than a necessary cost ce

The 2019 Talent Acquisition Landscape

You can’t predict the future with 100 percent certainty, but you can get a good idea of the kinds

The Ultimate Guide to High-Volume Recruiting Events

Event Management Technology: The Key to Event Success   While the best practices previo

A Simple Way to Make Faster Hires

In our fierce talent market, every day your hiring process drags on is another day your company mi
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