Zipper on Man's mouthIt goes without saying that we’re living in tough times when the economy is in bad shape and jobs are scarce. It can be difficult to keep one’s chin up and keep trucking in the face of adversity. However, it’s important that we understand the importance of doing just that.

The thing is job scarcity is only part of what could be holding you back from landing your next dream job. Self sabotage is actually a huge problem when it comes to today’s job seeker and many people accidentally shoot themselves in the foot before they even get out of the gate as a result. Let’s take a closer look at some of the lies you may be telling yourself that could be ruining your own job seeking efforts.

1. “I’m not worthy of the good jobs that are out there.”

There’s definitely a heavy stigma that comes along with being unemployed. Unemployed people often feel like failures for not being able to remain one of the lucky few who are still employed. Why them and not the next guy? Why were they the ones considered to be the throwaways? Unfortunately—while these feelings can be understandable in that situation—it’s important not to let defeatist self talk keep you from conveying the confidence you will need in order to land your next position. Remind yourself that you are just as worthy of employment as the next guy and that it’s just a matter of time before you land that next big gig.

2. “I don’t deserve my ‘me time’ right now.”

Another common mistake unemployed job seekers make is telling themselves that they’re already lazy and inadequate, so they should deprive themselves of the things that make them happy— almost as a punishment for not living up to their own standards. In actuality, it’s important to understand that your me time may be more important now than ever. The effort expended during the job-seeking process can be just as tiring as having a job. Make sure you’re taking time to relax and unwind, as well as get enough sleep.

3. “Rejection is personal in my case.”

Many out-of-work job seekers make the grave mistake of beginning to take rejection personally when, really, it’s anything but. Remember that every company and corporation is looking for someone who represents the perfect fit for their particular organization and work force. That perfect fit will be you one day, but in the meantime, try to accept that it may be the next guy and that it’s nothing personal. You can increase your chances of job seeking success by doing lots of homework before your interview and tailoring your resume and interview strategies to fit the company’s mission statement.

Although it may sometimes seem as if there’s no way you’ll ever manage to find another job, it’s important to understand that it will definitely happen—probably a lot sooner than you think. Don’t let negative self talk keep you from your next big opportunity!

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