June 4, 2018

3 More Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Blog


In an earlier post, I wrote about three reason why job seekers should blog. They were: to demonstrate their ability to write, to brand themselves, and to network.

Today, I’d like to share three more reasons why you, as a job seeker, should blog:

1. You’ll Feel More Productive — and You’ll Learn From It

Writing about what you know requires processing your knowledge to put it to paper — or on your computer screen. When I write about the job search, it makes me think about what is important to my audience, as well as how to express it.

You will learn more about your industry by blogging, as you’ll have to conduct research in order for your posts to be accurate. One benefit of blogging for me is that I often use what I write as fodder for my career search workshops. Essentially, I leverage my own writing as a resource.

It is believed that one must blog on a consistent basis for the best results. You may want to start by blogging once a month, then twice a month, and then maybe weekly. Hitting these goals will give you a sense of productivity and achievement.

2. More People Will Witness Your Expertise

Whether you’re blogging about your industry or your job search, you can publish it on your own blog or a third-party site. LinkedIn is a common third-party platform for blogging. Personally, I use WordPress, Recruiter.com, and LinkedIn.

Once you’ve published your posts, you can share them on social media sites for more traction. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the obvious choices, but Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, and others can also be good options. Your audience can then re-share what you’ve written with their own connections, followers, and friends. Your posts can go viral, as they say.

3. Blogging Educates Your Readers

Related to the first point, you can help other job seekers learn more about their industry. I educate my readers on the job search and LinkedIn. I’ve been contacted by fellow job-search educators who’ve told me they’ve learned a great deal from me. This is a good feeling.

One of the goals of networking is sharing what you know with other job seekers. Your shared knowledge can be a gift. It might even be the reason why another job seeker lands their next gig!

One reason I gave for blogging in the previous post is branding yourself. If you blog consistently and for a long period of time, you could become a well-known authority in your industry.

Hopefully, you’ll continue to blog even after you land your next job. Documenting your expertise in order to get a job is great, but continuing to do so in the long term keeps your expertise fresh and boosts your credibility as an industry leader.

A version of this post originally appeared on Things Career Related.

Bob McIntosh, CPRW, is a career trainer who leads more than 15 job search workshops at an urban career center.

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Bob McIntosh, CPRW, is a career trainer who leads more than 15 job-search workshops at an urban career center. Job seekers and staff look to him for advice on the job search. In addition, Bob has gained a reputation as a LinkedIn authority in the community. Bob’s greatest pleasure is helping people find rewarding careers in a competitive job market.