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Today’s Question: Recruitment marketplaces are a new trend in talent acquisition. Employers post jobs, and recruiters vie with one another to fill the reqs and earn themselves some cash. What we want to know is: How can recruiters get the most out of these marketplaces? Share your tips on how recruiters can earn money, boost their reputations, build their networks, and more through recruitment marketplaces.

Barbara1. Let the Marketplace Handle Your Sales and Accounting Functions

Working in a smaller recruiting company, I find that one of the difficulties I often experience is that I spend a great deal of my time finding companies and trying to build relationships with them. But now, with the marketplace, I can go to one place and the customers are all there for me. All I have to do is search for the candidates. I can focus on one piece of the business while the marketplace handles the rest for me.

I use Scout Exchange, and it feels like a business partner to me. It saves me a great deal of time and adds hours to my workday. That, in turn, allows me to make more money, because I no longer have to divide the hours of my day between being a salesperson, a recruiter, and an accountant.

Barbara Taylor, Vista Talent

Ben2. Pick Your Clients Carefully

With so many jobs available in the marketplace, its important to pace yourself. Just because they are available doesn’t mean you need to work on them all. Look at the company that posted the job. How is it doing? Could you sell it to passive candidates? Is it the type of client you might get repeat business with? Can you actually find the people you need to find? Make sure you pick jobs you will actually work on. You need to make sure that you don’t get a reputation as someone who signs up for a role and never delivers.

You should also try to avoid competition when picking your clients and jobs. Many of the recruitment marketplaces give you information about how many recruiters will be working on a job. You are crazy if you don’t take this into consideration. I would personally much rather work on a role with one or two other recruiters than with 10. Make sure you look at this information before you commit to working on a role.

Ben White, Getting the Job HQ

Daniel3. Stick to a Niche and Solicit Reviews

Specialize in a specific field or industry. This niche will allow you to focus in on what you know and not be overwhelmed. Also, be sure to get, maintain, and showcase positive reviews from previous clients. These will draw more clients to you in the marketplace.

Daniel Phillips, Invero Group

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