panoramic logoThe Panoramic Feedback Company, provider of 360-degree feedback solutions, has announced a new portal for more efficient management of email addresses for feedback administrators. The portal allows administrators to forego providing contact information for responders and instead rely on individuals being assessed to enter their responders’ email addresses.

“Projects are getting bigger,” CEO Esther Kohn-Bentley said. “A year ago, we heard complaints from administrators about their growing workload from managing all that contact information. So we put people to work making the change.”

But administrators were still receiving many bounce-backs due to incorrectly entered addresses: “So we assigned our developers another urgent task,” Kohn-Bentley said. “And Panoramic Feedback now automatically directs the people who provided undeliverable addresses to a special page where it’s easy to make corrections. It’s a good solution from our point of view, because reducing the load on overworked administrators is one of our key goals.”

Panoramic Feedback is a 360-degree feedback solution offering customizable questionnaires and reports with projects capable of being deployed within one to two hours (excluding training). The cloud-based solution requires no software installation, configuration, or maintenance. Participants are provided with color charts, comparisons to the group or previous feedback, and immediate reports accessible almost immediately after the final rater has completed the questionnaire.

On continuing development, Bentley commented, “In the old paradigm, entrepreneurs could design good products and sell them unchanged for years. Now, whether it’s Panoramic Feedback, or Blackberry, or other high-tech companies, we know we have to innovate constantly to maintain our lead. In fact, every change we make actually stimulates the demand for further improvements.”

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