July 19, 2013

4 Reasons to Reconsider Leaving your Job

Rear view from a bald head man,thinking and touching his headMy sister is a teacher’s aide for first grade students. She works long hours for barely livable pay and scarce benefits (as an hourly worker). You may be thinking, “Well shouldn’t she have holidays and breaks off?” Sadly, this aide isn’t getting the chance to relax and enjoy her summer like so many others in the education field. As luck would have it, the school she works for offers a summer program for its students. And guess who gets to be in charge of this? If you guessed that it’s not the regular teachers, you’re absolutely right.

After just one year in her position, my sister recently told me she handed in her resignation letter. It seems like these days, the norms have really changed in regards to how people feel about their jobs. Once upon a time, most people planned on staying with the same employer for pretty much their entire lives. However, we’re seeing more and more people looking at jobs as something to change up once in a while and have no problem if they’d need to leave a company.

There are certainly good reasons for this. After all, changing jobs every so often gives you a chance to explore new opportunities and even to possibly trade up in regards to salary or benefits. However, there are still some very good reasons to consider sticking with a given job as well. If you have any of the following going for you at your place of business, you might want to reconsider quitting.

1. A Great Work Environment

A lot of people are trained to see a job as something that’s not supposed to be fun or enjoyable. That said, a lot of people don’t see a fun, emotionally fulfilling work environment characterized by an enjoyable office culture as something to look for in a job. If you’re lucky enough to actually like where you work, get along with your co-workers, and believe in the way your company does business, you have a really good thing going.

2. Funded Opportunities for Ongoing Education

A well-rounded education–especially in regards to skills that help you shine or stand out in your field–is a wonderful asset to have at your disposal. However, it’s also incredibly expensive. If your company actually offers funded opportunities to continue your education into the future, you should think about taking advantage of that. You may not be so lucky at your next place of business.

3. Regular Pay Raises and Promotions

At many companies, actually getting a decent cost of living wage on a regular basis can be difficult. The same can be said for the offering of promotions when they’re due. One of the biggest reasons to remain with a given employer into the future is the fact that raises and chances to advance are frequently and consistently offered. In most cases, employees that have proven they’re in it for the long haul are eligible for even better opportunities than newcomers.

4. Flexible Schedules

As people become busier and find themselves juggling more things with their careers (like family), it’s also becoming more important that employers be flexible when it comes to work schedules. If your employer actually understands that the standard 9 to 5 schedule isn’t everyone’s pick, then count yourself among the lucky. Consider staying on staff a little longer if your employer offers telecommuting work options or lets employees have a say in regards to what their schedules look like. It’s also a plus if you’re allowed plenty of space to work independently as well.

At the end of the day, good jobs are really hard to come by in this economy. While it’s still advisable to look for something better if you’re not happy or not treated well, there’s also something to be said for sticking with a good thing.

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