SkyCandidates often find themselves in the twilight zone when viewing job application pages during the search for new employment. They vigorously churn through numerous job descriptions and applications, often to find themselves questioning if any of the jobs were a good fit for them to begin with.

Because finding the right job can be a lengthy process, candidates must look to quickly identify whether or not they are a good fit for a role. They cannot afford to waste any time during the search. The application process shouldn’t contain a laundry list of daunting tasks, cryptic titles, and ambiguous job descriptions — these only serve to turn candidates away.

Unfortunately, the job hunt scenario is usually one in which the right candidate and the right (potential) employer miss out on the connection they were both looking for, thanks to poorly designed application processes.

Here are some suggestions on what top candidates are looking for on job application pages. They want to save time, understand the role(s), and quickly submit their application documents. Employers who give candidates these things will have no trouble attracting the best and the brightest.

1. The Mobile Experience

People are using mobile devices more than ever to interact with the world, and that includes job searching as well. Mobile-friendly job description pages and career websites are critical for all companies.

Many of the best job seekers are already employed. As a result, they conduct significant portions of their job searches while on the go – during downtime at work, on their commutes to and from work, during their lunch breaks, etc. — using mobile devices. Unemployed candidates also make heavy use of their mobile devices to find job opportunities. Companies that don’t have mobile-optimized career sites will fail to tap into these important segments of the talent market.

2. A LinkedIn Application Feature

LinkedIn is always growing — and rapidly: the site acquires two new members every second. LinkedIn has become the destination for business professionals looking to build their social resumes and personal brands. LinkedIn users spend a considerable amount of time enhancing their profiles, updating their skills and certifications, and lobbying colleagues for endorsements and recommendations. These all help to validate their credentials as potential employers view their profiles. 

In addition to all this, LinkedIn has stepped into the applicant tracking arena. LinkedIn allows candidates to apply for jobs directly through the website, which makes the process seamless and painless for job seekers — encouraging more talent to shoot an application your way. 

3. A Clear Job Title and Description

QualifyCandidates don’t want to see cryptic job titles and ambiguous job descriptions; these things will only discourage them from applying. Be upfront and transparent about the role and what you want in a candidate with respect to their skills and experiences. 

When writing job requirements, list them in a format that is easy to consume. Bulleted lists are an excellent way to deliver information quickly and efficiently, as they allow potential applicants to check off the requirements they meet and consider the ones they don’t. Rarely will a candidate be 100 percent perfect fit, but this formatting allows candidates to quickly gauge where they stand and whether or not it is worth their time to apply.

4. Talk of Benefits, Culture, and Salary

If you happen to have a laundry list of necessary qualifications, requirements, and skill sets, then balance that all out by talking about what’s in it for the lucky candidate who gets the job. Open up about benefits, company culture, and perhaps salary ranges. Remember: you are looking for the right candidate with the best abilities to take on the role. Talking about benefits, culture, and salary will give you the opportunity to show prospective talent that you value your workforce. 

Utilize your job application page as a way to invite talented candidates to easily apply, and also to highlight the qualifications of the best-fit candidate for the job. Use simplicity and clarity when constructing job descriptions and application pages, and you will make it much easier to top talent to connect with your company.

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