There are many people who can benefit from virtual phone systems, and recruiters are among them. That’s because virtual phone systems allow recruiters to do their jobs from any location. No matter where they are, they can make and receive those critical calls to and from candidates and hiring managers.

Not sold on the idea of a virtual phone system? Here are five benefits recruiters will find if they pony up for virtual phone systems:

1. Save Money

When you are using a virtual phone system, you are going to be spending much less than you would on a traditional phone system. The best part is that, if you have an Internet connection, you don’t have to worry about roaming charges for overseas business calls.

Another bonus is that there are no expensive long-distance charges, so you aren’t going to be paying by the minute for important business calls. You also don’t have to bother with expensive phone line rental contracts, because your phone number is going to be hosted in the cloud rather than on a traditional phone line system.

2. Call Forwarding

As a recruiter, you may not be able to spend a lot of time actually at your desk. It is more likely that you will constantly be on the go and getting things done. Therefore, you need to know that hiring managers, candidates, clients, and/or your fellow recruiting team members can reach you, no matter where you are.

This is where find me/follow me services come in. This is a call-forwarding service that forwards all of your calls to a specific number, whether it be your mobile phone or an answering service.

3. A Professional Image

DeskThere may come a time when you have to move. Maybe your recruiting firm needs a less expensive space or a larger office. No matter what the reason for your move, you need to make sure that people can still easily contact you. If you are changing locations and contact numbers often, your recruiting firm isn’t going to give off a professional impression. A virtual phone number will move with you, so even if your location changes, customers and business associates will be able to continue doing business with you easily.

4. Convenient Features

Many virtual phone systems are easily customizable, allowing you to add or subtract features as needed. Some of the features recruiters may need include call forwarding, customizable voicemail messages, adding/deleting new numbers, call logs, and more.

The best part is that, generally speaking, you’ll pay a lot less for these sorts of features in a virtual phone system than you would for the same features in a traditional phone service.

5. Privacy

All you need to make and receive calls via your virtual phone system from your smartphone is a handy app. Your calls will appear as your virtual office number, rather than your mobile number. This is an excellent privacy tool. It is never a good idea to give your personal telephone number to clients or candidates, especially if you do not know them very well.

And yet, a lot of recruiters owners don’t even think twice about using their personal mobile phone numbers for their business interactions. This can be a problem when it comes to privacy. Customers, colleagues, and candidates could end up calling at all hours of the day or night.

You can maintain your security and privacy by using a virtual phone number for your small business. If you are using your personal mobile phone, no one is ever going to see your personal number, thanks to your virtual phone service.

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