5 Smart Ways Infographic sectionJob seekers are always looking for the best job search advice, and industry experts seem to be always ready and willing to offer it.

The latest advice is on resumes and comes from AvidCareerist.com and FreeResumeBuilder.org. The two sites have teamed up to create the infographic “5 Smart Ways to Make Recruiters Like You & Your Resume,” which gives job seekers tips to do just that.

So, how do you get recruiters to not only like you, but your resume too?

1. Include Job-Relevant Experience in Your Resume

  • Did you know that although ATSs scan resumes they often skip over cover letters? And that 50 percent of people who look at your application ignore your cover letter?
  • For these reasons, the infographic advises job seekers to include experience-related keywords so they’re not ignored.

2. Tell the Truth

  • Make sure your resume contains accurate information because 98 percent of employers conduct reference and/or background checks to verify resume accuracy.
  • Employers verify former employees, employment dates, job titles/responsibilities and degrees, certifications and licenses, to name a few.

3. Show vs. Tell

  • The infographic suggests job seekers show readers what they can do with accomplishment statements by stating the facts, rather than using adjectives to tell them about the job seeker, which are opinions.
  • When creating statements, job seekers should describe signature accomplishments and focus on in-demand skills.

4. Follow Instructions

  • Always send your resume in the format a recruiter specifies, whether .doc or .pdf. If nothing is specified, use .doc.
  • Recruiters prefer MS Word over PDF attachments.

5. Address Resume and Cover Letter to the Right Person

  • Always double check cover letter addressee and the email address before pressing “send.”
  • Be sure to update addressee’s name if you re-use cover letters.

5 Smart Ways Infographic

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