Love and hate spelled out using computer keysMost people experience periods at work when they feel bored, frustrated, restless, or otherwise turned off by their chosen occupation. If such a period should arise, a perfectly valid option may be to consider quitting the job. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go into business for yourself, or feel drawn to another career path. But given the uncertain nature of the current job market and the ups and downs of self-employment, you may decide to stick it out with your current employer for a while longer to see if your situation will improve. For those people on the cusp of deciding whether to bolt or soldier on in your current position, take a look at this list of actions to take that may help make things more bearable.

1. Before simply going gently into that good night (of temporary unemployment), approach your boss and ask about finding ways to alter the kind of work you do. Depending on the cause of your discontent—be it overwork or lack of challenge—your boss will probably see that you will be more productive doing something different and is more likely to choose to work with your needs than simply see your talent moved elsewhere.

2. If your routine simply needs a refresh ask to be partnered with different people, even if you personally like your current coworkers. By adding a new set of ideas and experiences to your regular assignments you may see your job from a fresh perspective that allows you to reevaluate your relationship with those parts of your job that you may hate and renew your enthusiasm for your work daily routine.

3. Change up your surroundings so that your workspace feels more homey and relaxing. You don’t want to feel like you’re in prison for 40-plus hours per week staring at the same humdrum desk and wall space. Spruce up your area with as much personality as your employer allows. Bring in sentimental photos, decorations, or pleasant smelling plants. If the setup of your chair or desk makes you physically uncomfortable, ask your manager about changing your furniture or receiving assistance with properly adjusting your office necessities.

4. One of the most demoralizing aspects of any office job is seeing your inbox full of unread emails and your desk covered with unexamined documents. Plan at least one session during your week dedicated solely to sorting through your backlog, organize your workspace, and investigate ways to use your workspace in a more systematic, efficient way.

5. One way to improve your outlook at work is to live a fuller life at home. Many times, you may end up resenting your work time because it impedes your ability to do the things that you want to do. Make sure you are spending your off time with people you care about and doing things that invigorate your life. Scheduling times of calm can also help you unwind so that you can stay more relaxed at home and at work.


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