According to a new infographic from On Stride Financial, 40 percent of the new jobs created in the past five years have been self-employment jobs – and it doesn’t look like this trend will slow down any time soon.

Thanks in part to the rise of the on-demand gig economy, more people are freelancing than ever, and this is going to have some major affects on the future of work as we know.

Drawing from multiple sources, the On Stride infographic explores how the increasing numbers and power of freelancers will lead to higher wages, more entrepreneurship, and radically overhauled tax codes.

While this particular infographic focuses mainly on freelance workers in the U.K., we think the conclusions it draws can be extrapolated to plenty of other countries – the U.S. included.  After all: The economy today is totally globalized. New developments in one market often ripple outward and result in changes in markets around the world.

Check out the full infographic below to see more of On Stride’s predictions for the future of work:

On Stride

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