Increasingly more recruiters are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to save time, hire better candidates, and keep recruiting costs down. But while many recruiters are familiar with AI’s basic functions, they don’t often realize the fullest potential of chatbots and other automated recruiting solutions.

How can your company leverage AI to further streamline your recruiting process? Try these five tips:

1. Start a Conversation

While many recruiters already use AI chatbots to start conversations with interested candidates, there’s no reason to stop there. Chatbots can also be used to engage even those job seekers who haven’t yet applied to work for your company.

For example, you could integrate a chatbot into your company’s Facebook Messenger. Then, you could have the bot reach out to anyone who likes a picture, comments on a post, or directly messages the company. That way, you can start building relationships with candidates before they formally hit the job market.

2. Write More Attractive Job Descriptions

It can be highly difficult to write a job ad that accurately captures the daily realities of the role without overwhelming candidates, but AI can help. As Indeed points out, AI can scan a job ad to pinpoint gaps that need filling, unclear details that need fleshing out, and important information that should be highlighted. As a result, the ad will be more eye-catching and more likely to attract the right kinds of candidates.

3. Schedule Meetings

An underutilized feature offered by many AI technologies is automated scheduling. A recruiter can set their availability, and candidates can schedule meetings directly through a chatbot — no annoying back-and-forth required. Plus, many scheduling tools can send automated reminders so nobody misses a critical meeting again!

4. Resurface Candidates 

Sometimes the perfect candidate is right in front of your eyes — you just haven’t realized it because their resume is buried in your ATS from a previous hiring round. Thankfully, new AI technologies can automatically scour your candidate and employee databases to resurface previous applicants who match that new position that just opened up.

5. Identify Potentially Toxic Candidates

Unfortunately, not all candidates are truthful on their resumes or in their interviews. However, AI can identify those dishonest candidates before they have the chance to become toxic employees. By searching candidate information for red flags associated with toxic employees, AI can warn you of a bad hire before it is made.

Given all the innovative ways AI and automation can improve your hiring process, it’s no wonder 72 percent of executives believe AI and automation will offer sizable business advantages in the near future. In fact, it looks like the future is already here!

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Aida Fazylova is CEO and founder of

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