While sales development is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, the idea has been embraced by more and more organizations in recent times, according to Salesforce. The idea is simple, but profound: If you dedicate some of your sales personnel solely to the act of prospecting, your company will be better positioned to close deals.

That’s what sales development representatives (SDRs) are: They’re the people on your sales team who spend all their time on the front end of the sales cycle. To borrow again from Salesforce, they “set qualified appointments and demonstrations.”

As with any group of talent, if you want to get the most from your SDRs, you need to hire the right people, offer the right support, and use the right forms of reward and recognition to incentivize the right behaviors.

Based on research from inside sales consultants The Bridge Group, OnePageCRM recently put together an infographic on the six ways to build a world-class sales development team. The graphic tackles key factors like compensation, quotas, management challenges, and more. Check it out in full below:



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