To those who don’t do it often, business travel can seem quite glamorous. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to visit exotic locations and stay in fancy hotels?

For regular business travelers, however, the reality is less exciting. Flying can be an unpredictable experience, and things don’t always go as planned. Flights get cancelled, and luggage gets lost in transit. While these things are impossible to prevent, you can make sure your business travels go as smoothly as possible with these seven tips:

1. Book in Advance

Whenever possible, you should book early to bring ticket costs down. According to Skyscanner, the optimum time to book flights is seven weeks in advance. You could also save up to 30 percent if you book your flights on a Sunday.

Booking in advance isn’t just for flights, either. You can get the best deals on most things like – like rental cars and hotels – when you don’t wait until the last minute.

2. Fly Early

One of the biggest nuisances of business travel is the time spent waiting at various points throughout the journey. A great way to minimize your wait time is to fly early in the morning, particularly between 6 and 7 a.m. There are fewer delays during this time period, for a number of reasons, including that thunderstorms are less likely to develop in the morning.

3. Travel Light

Many airlines offer cheap flights to a whole host of destinations, but these airlines are actually making more money than ever by way of incremental costs. The most common extra fees that you encounter will be for luggage check-ins, so traveling light is a surefire way to minimize expenditure. What’s more, you will also be able to swiftly leave the airport, rather than having to wait at the baggage claim.

4. Take Advantage of Corporate Deals

If you are a frequent flyer, take advantage of the corporate deals that some airlines offer. By choosing one particular airline to fly with each time, you can earn certain privileges and rewards for your loyalty. For example, you can earn air miles each time you travel, which will end up saving you money on future flights. Some airlines, like Southwest, even allow you to cancel your flight up to ten minutes before departure!

5. Buy a Portable Charger

Having your devices fully charged is important for anyone traveling, and even more so for those traveling for business. You may need to send emails or work on documents while you’re on the go, so it’s vital you carry a charger in your hand luggage. A portable charger is an essential purchase for any business traveler.

6. Use Airbnb

Airbnb can find you a whole host of stunning apartments and properties to stay in, often at far lower rates than hotels. This is especially true if you’re traveling as a group, as you pay for the property and not per person. Another perk of Airbnb is that you get to sample a bit of the city’s charm and live like a local.

7. Stay an Extra Day

What better way to end a successful business trip than to spend an extra day in the city exploring the sights and experiencing the culture? Booking an extra day also gives you the opportunity to bond with your colleagues. You could also use this time to build on some of the connections you’ve made on the trip, perhaps by booking a follow-up meeting or two.

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