As the technological and cultural landscape has changed, so has the face of recruiting.

Today’s recruiters face many challenges their predecessors never did, from attracting candidates in a global talent pool to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) without undermining human insight and making sense of complex data sets at scale.

Thankfully, today’s recruiters also have access to a range of innovative recruitment software options to help with these challenges. Here are seven such solutions that may be of use to recruiters in the coming year:

1. HireVue

HireVue combines prerecorded interviews with groundbreaking AI to analyze  a candidate’s word choice, tone of voice, and even facial movement in order to help recruiters gain even more insight into their prospects. The software also using a ranking algorithm to help recruiters predict which candidates are most likely to be good matches for their roles.

2. Pymetrics

One of the big dangers of using AI for recruiting is that even the most well-designed algorithms can end up with biases. After all, these algorithms are programmed by people and trained on data sets generated by people. It’s all too easy for the unconscious biases of an AI’s handlers to seep into the program itself.

This is why solutions like Pymetrics are important. The software sets out to remove biases from recruiting by deploying neuroscience games to match the right candidates to the right roles based on competencies. While Pymetrics also uses AI, the company regularly audits its algorithms to ensure biases never gain a foothold.

3. Skeeled

Recruiting is all about finding the candidate who best fits the role, but measuring that fit can be next to impossible. That’s why Skeeled uses a personality assessment based on the Big Five model to help recruiters better predict a candidate’s behavior and performance in a given role.

Skeeled’s software can do more than just personality tests, however. It can also automate significant portions of the pre-interview screening process, and it also offers video interview functionality.

4. LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Every recruiter knows LinkedIn is a massive source of talent, and LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers a variety of tools and services to help recruiters leverage the site even more effectively. Aside from familiar features such as advanced search tools, InMail, and candidate alerts, LinkedIn Talent Solutions also gives recruiters access to more specialized solutions. For example, LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect allows recruiters to connect their ATSs with LinkedIn Recruiter, creating a more powerful talent sourcing and pipelining tool.

5. Zoho Recruit

Zoho’s main concern is streamlining every stage of the recruiting process, so it places a big emphases on automating daily workflows like emails, interview updates, and other time-consuming tasks. The platform affords users a lot of customization options, allowing recruiters to tailor automated workflows to their specific needs and tasks. The software is also optimized for mobile use, which makes it particularly convenient for on-the-go recruiters.

6. Jibe

According to Jibe, recruiters spend about 22 hours a month just managing data. One of the software’s main aims is cutting this number down, which it does by offering robust analytics functionality that helps recruiters track, store, and analyze data in a more effective and efficient manner. Jibe also emphasizes employer branding as key to any successful recruiting effort, so it makes sense that career-site-building functionality is built right into the platform.

7. Jobvite

Jobvite uses a model it calls “Continuous Candidate Engagement,” which it describes as “a candidate-centric recruiting model encompassing both technology solutions and strategies to continuously engage candidates at the right time, in the right way, from first look to first day.” In practice, that means Jobvite aims for its platform to encompass every stage of the recruiting process, from marketing to prospects to engaging new hires. This makes Jobvite particularly useful for recruiters who want all-in-one solutions that can handle the hiring process from start to finish.

Also of note is Jobvite’s close integration with top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This integration allows recruiters to post, share, and track job ads across social media sites from a centralized interface.

In today’s world, recruiting is an incredibly complex business function that requires comprehensive strategies to get the right candidates into the right roles. These seven innovative recruitment software tools leverage powerful technologies like AI, machine learning, and the cloud to help recruiters operate in multichannel, multidevice ways. If your organization is looking to streamline and optimize its hiring practices in the next year, you may want to start with the tools on this list.

Izaak Crook is the content marketing manager at AppInstitute.

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