November 27, 2015

7 Lessons in Efficiency From Small Business Owners [Infographic]

SkateboardTo get by in business, you have to be efficient. Unfortunately, this is something that many business owners often fail to realize.

To ensure that your business remains a success, you need to take a careful look at how you can run things more effectively. Whether that involves putting more trust in the members of your team or making a few alterations to your own list of everyday tasks, even the smallest changes can have massive payoffs.

Make It Cheaper, a company that specializes in business efficiency in the energy sense, has compiled a new infographic that looks at seven powerful lessons in efficiency from some of today’s top small-business owners.

For a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners, life can get pretty hectic and chaotic. Sometimes, you start to feel like the success of the business rests entirely on your shoulders – and that kind of pressure can lead you to crack in no time. Anisa Telwar, the founder and CEO of Anisa International, found that delegating tasks effectively to relevant team members helped take some of the pressure off of her – and it also helped her business become much more efficient.

For more valuable insights on business efficiency, check out the full infographic below, or on Make It Cheaper’s blog.


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Adam Maidment is a digital PR specialist for a visual content agency based in Manchester, in the north of the United Kingdom.