finger touching virtual screenAccording to a recent survey conducted for SAP by Wakefield Research, CIOs are joining the hybrid cloud in growing numbers as more and more believe that hybrid cloud environments reduce complexity while increasing flexibility. Hybrid cloud environments integrate applications in the cloud on-premises. While most CIOs do feel the hybrid approach simplifies IT processes, they still report institutional barriers to integrating on-premises and the cloud system.

Key survey results include:

• 87 percent of respondents found cloud solutions to be important to their business and 83 percent of CIOs give similar importance to on-premise solutions.

• 67 percent of CIOs that already use cloud applications have adopted some hybrid tools.

• 75 percent of hybrid users feel their IT processes are made less complex by cloud migration.

• On-premise and cloud-app integrations are becoming more prevalent with CIOs reporting that the hybrid approach provides data access to off-site employees.

• 75 percent of non-hybrid cloud CIOs report institutional barriers to integration.

• 52 percent of all CIOs said on-premise solutions are more secure than cloud-based solutions.

“The allure of the cloud means many organizations are adopting cloud-based applications that augment on-premises ERP and are increasingly moving core elements of ERP to the cloud,” said Nigel Rayner, Gartner analyst. “CIOs and ERP leaders need to be prepared with an integration strategy that anticipates this world of hybrid ERP.”


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