3d number countdown with sky in backgroundHiring was on the uptick this past holiday season and it is true that the most expensive time for an organization to take on a new hire is the first 90 days of their employment.  In a time where businesses are tightening their belts, we need to be more careful about our hiring strategies and take the necessary steps to ensure that when recruiting, we get it right the first time.

If you aren’t a part of a large corporation that has its own department dedicated to employment testing, then the best option for you to screen your potential candidates and narrow the selection pool is to outsource this business to a third party employment testing provider. To take the guesswork out of finding the best provider for you, here’s our top ten employment testing providers, in no particular order.


With a directory of more than 600 candidate assessments to choose from, BrainBench is a great one-stop solution for all of your employee testing needs. They also offer interview guides and consulting services.


The self-proclaimed leaders in employee testing, this website is an incredible resource that several clients call home, including eLance, UPS and 1-800-Flowers.  As an added bonus, they also offer courses in addition to their pre-employment testing.


Employers can create a portfolio and make use of a multitude of web-based tools using CriteriaCorp, which is a great user-friendly site and a fantastic resource for employment testing. One of its biggest benefits is that the site offers flat-rate pricing as opposed to the per-test pricing offered by other providers.


Find a great candidate using eSkills assessment software!  This site gives you an in-depth perspective on past behaviors of candidates as well as skills testing.  They also offer FREE trial assessments so you can try before you buy!


From personality assessments to online training, CompeteGroup.com has it all.  Affordable prices mean that regardless of your budget you can have quality employment testing at your fingertips. Buying multiple assessments can save you money too, which can be beneficial when pooling candidates!


This great site helps employers find assessments and can get you up and running with your desired testing in no time flat! Flip through their assessment catalogue to find the employee testing that is right for you and your posting.


A great resource for all industries and all employment testing requirements including the public service, IT and academic sectors.


A final fantastic employee assessments site that offers customized alternatives to its standard offering. This extraordinary software company offers businesses of all sizes a solution to subpar recruitment. Boasting some big name companies as clients, Prevaluate.com is a great choice when searching for an employee-training provider.

Any one of these great sites can help you assess and screen your candidates so that your interviews are stellar and your new hire will be just as superb.

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