red checkmarkAbsenceSoft has released its latest leave of absence-management software, AbsenceTracker for administrators. AbsenceTracker provides companies of all sizes with the tools they need to efficiently, compliantly and cost-effectively manage leaves of absence. AbsenceTracker is a cloud based, secure, mobile friendly leave management system that provides compliance support for FMLA and all state leave laws, workflow management and analytics. AbsenceTracker includes features such as a step-by-step intake process, automated eligibility calculations, templated communications, full workflow management, intermittent leave management tools, and detailed reporting.

“In talking with clients, we increasingly found companies were frustrated by using spreadsheets and manual processes to manage FMLA and other absences and, even worse, they were often not in compliance with current federal and state regulations. So we set out to create an intuitive, easy-use-use system that automates the most frustrating parts of the leave process, so companies big or small could feel confident that they were not only compliant but also fiscally responsible” says Seth Turner, vice president of business development and strategy at AbsenceSoft, “Even more importantly, we also wanted the user experience to be unparalleled, so we made sure that everyone will enjoy using AbsenceTracker.”

AbsenceTracker is available in a basic version with a quick setup and more advanced versions to support employers with unique needs. AbsenceTracker includes a free trial followed by a monthly subscription-based payment model.


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