July 13, 2012

Access Announces Release of E-forms Solution for HCM

formatta hcmElectronic-forms management leader Access has announced the release of Formatta, a new electronic forms solution for human capital management (HCM). Formatta is intended to remove the standard hassles of keeping a paper-heavy HR department such as lost forms, records updating, and document scanning. Formatta helps to lower costs and delays of forms-driven processes such as new employee onboarding, self-service administration, and off boarding through facilitating a paperless and collaborative management approach to organizing daily forms.

The Formatta HCM solution offers companies the ability to:

• Lower costs by eliminating paper forms

• Offer online portals to employees who are able to access a self-service catalog of e-forms

• Eliminate document duplication and consequences of human error

• Access e-forms online with any browser and with iPad and iPhone

• Fill out e-forms online

• Automatically update the HRIS with completed form data

• Speed up the process of e-form completion through the use of Formatta’s automated features integrated with existing HR systems

• Attach digital signatures and supporting documents to e-forms

• Submit completed standardized e-forms through electronic workflow

• Export e-form images, attachments, and index files to ECM-EDM systems

• Automatically remove access privileges for employees during off boarding

“With Formatta’s HCM solution, organizations can more easily manage their employees, eliminate paper and get up-to-date information into personnel records and the content management system,” said Access Sales Director David Wilding. “It also increases employee satisfaction, as they no longer need to enter the same information each time they complete a form.” More information about Formatta and access to a Formatta demo are available at Formatta.com.

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