city jobsAs the national unemployment rate ticks slowly downward and companies regain confidence in their need for more talent, the skills of well-qualified workers is on the increase. With the economic situation slowly returning to pre-recession levels, HR solutions firm Adecco Staffing US has developed its list of top 10 cities to find jobs in the U.S. Using data collected from the company’s countrywide branch network, and other internal data, the list relies on factors such as local unemployment rate, volume of job opportunities listed over a six month period, and the overall economic climate of each local job market.

The complete list, in descending order, includes: Washington, DC and Arlington/Alexandria, VA; Austin, TX; Ithaca, NY; Boston, MA; Portland, MA; Dallas, TX; Nashville, TN; Columbus, OH; Baltimore, MD; and Pittsburgh, PA.

The Washington, DC area took the top spot for numerous reasons, including a low unemployment rate of 5.5 percent and a rash of hiring in non-governmental sectors including pharmaceuticals, technology, and non-profits, in addition opportunities with the federal government.

Austin, TX took the second spot for its diverse economy offering many opportunities in industries as varied as technology and manufacturing, leisure and hospitality, education and health services, professional and business services, and financial activities; all of which are experiencing growth spurts. Additionally, Austin’s unemployment rate is well below average at 6 percent.

Ithaca is noteworthy as one of the few growing economies in New York coupled with an impressive 5.9 percent unemployment rate. The industries courting the most new talent include education, manufacturing, technology, and tourism.

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