November 12, 2013

Aerotek Reports Companies Lack Sufficient Time to Hire, Train, and Retain Employees

companies lack time to hire, train, retainThe Recruit and Retain Report from recruitment and staffing services provider Aerotek has found that about 60 percent of employees would leave their jobs for a competitive offer. And while the survey also revealed that sufficient employee development opportunities correlate to a higher probability that employees will stay, nearly one out of three employees receive no ongoing training in their current jobs. Hiring decision makers do acknowledge the importance of training and developing their current workforce, but say they lack the time to commit to necessary development programs.

Additionally, the Aerotek survey discovered that half of respondents reported having less time to train new hires while one in three expect more productivity with less training from new hires than before the recession. Nearly 70 percent of hiring decision makers said that the most influential factor on hiring costs was the length of time it takes to find a qualified candidate compared to before the recession.

“Hiring decision makers recognize the importance of engaging and developing their current workforce but many lack the resources to develop existing employees while keeping up with hiring demands,” said Tanya Axenson, vice president of human resources at Aerotek. “To break the struggle of choosing whether to invest in current or potential employees, staffing partners can shoulder time-consuming tasks in the hiring process, helping managers focus on the development of current employees.”


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