financial numbersMarketing and creative staffing agency, Aquent, recently launched a new series of free, short-format courses as part of Aquent Gymnasium, the agency’s “revolutionary MOOC (massive open online course) initiative aimed at closing the skills gap faced by creative organizations worldwide.”

The series of course is called “Gym Shorts,” and it begins with three new courses targeting front-end developers and web project managers; each of the three new courses can be completed in nearly one hour. According to the agency, Gym Shorts will supplement the longer courses Aquent Gymnasium already offers. Since its July 2013 launch, Aquent reports that more than 28,000 students have enrolled in Aquent Gymnasium.

The three online courses, “Introducing Node.js,” “Grid Layout in Bootstrap 3.0,” and “Defeating Busy,” will teach web professionals the following:

  • Introducing Node.js – How to build a “social profile” form using Node.js.
  • Grid Layout in Bootstrap 3.0 – How to get up and running with Bootstrap 3.0 and build a responsive layout that looks great on multiple screen sizes and devices.
  • Defeating Busy – How to estimate, plan, track, and manage time in order to complete projects.

“The Gym Shorts format is ideal for students who want to learn something really useful in the course of a lunch break,” Andrew Miller, program director for Aquent Gymnasium, said. “From our perspective, we like that we can create these in a fraction of the time it takes for us to develop one of our full courses, so we can deliver specific and essential instruction very quickly. We can also transform the content from a Gym Short into chapters for one of our full courses.”



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