opened orange folderMarketing and creative staffing agency, Aquent, recently launched a new course as part of Aquent Gymnasium, its unique MOOC (massive open online course) initiative dedicated to offering training to close the skills gap faced by creative organizations worldwide. Aquent reports that more than 25,000 students have enrolled in Aquent Gymnasium since its launch in July 2013.

With the new launch, front-end developers can now enroll in a free, online course, “jQuery Building Blocks: 5 Ways to Cut Your Web Development Time in Half.” The course, designed for web professionals with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, teaches participants to:

Create dynamic, interactive websites using JavaScript library;

Develop their own jQuery plugins and leverage the many existing plugins; and

Gain a basic toolset for using jQuery to solve any development challenge.

“More than 61 percent of the top 100,000 websites use jQuery and that number continues to grow,” said Jeremy Osborn, Academic Director for Aquent Gymnasium. “Today’s enterprises want rich, dynamic websites and developers need hands-on experience with powerful resources like jQuery if they hope to meet that demand.”

The course will be taught by Boston-based application architect and developer David C. Porter, a member of the core team for SproutCore, an open-source JavaScript framework built on top of jQuery.

“If you are going to be on the web in any way, you are going to run into jQuery,” said David Porter. “We designed this course to keep developers competitive by showing them how to harness jQuery and its plugin ecosystem to quickly tackle any feat.”

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