January 6, 2014

Beyond.com: One-Third of Job Seekers Unable to Land an Interview in 2013

newspaper graphic In a survey of more than 2,300 unemployed Americans from various industries, careers website Beyond.com found that nearly 80 percent of job seekers applied for jobs multiple times per week in 2013, yet less than 15 percent landed more than five interviews throughout the year. A further 33 percent reported securing no interviews at all. Over half of respondents said that they had applied to over 20 jobs and 87 percent said that they plan to step up applications in 2014.

Joe Weinlick, vice president of marketing at Beyond.com, said, “Finding employment in today’s market requires focus, persistence and unwavering confidence; qualities that can be difficult to maintain with so much competition.”

Most of the unemployed respondents (89 percent) are confident in landing a job in 2014 but just 36 percent are confident that they will find the “right job.” Generationally, Baby Boomers were the least confident demographic with only 24 percent believing that they will find employment in 2014. The recession has also delayed retirement of that generation which also applied to the most number of jobs in 2013 (57 percent applying to at least 20 jobs and 33 applying to over 50 jobs).

Other findings from the survey include:

• The Millennial generation was least likely to receive interviews with 45 percent of that generation’s members responding that they were unable to receive even one interview in 2013. Over four-in-ten Millennials identified themselves as “entry-level” employees.

• Sixty-five percent of respondents think that the process of finding a job will be more difficult in 2014. Also, the longer someone has looked for a job, the more likely they are to believe it will be harder to be hired.


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