newspaper rollHiring is expected to remain stagnant with the advent of sequestration and the continued budgetary stalemate in Congress, according to Bloomberg BNA’s newest employment-outlook survey. Prospects for most non-management employees to experience any improvement in job opportunities during Q2 2013 remain low, but office and clerical candidates may see some increase in available jobs. For current employees, job security should remain at its current low-threat status.

Opportunities in production and service jobs remain short of levels experienced in 2011 and 2012 as about 20 percent of employers expect to grow their workforces during Q2 2013. Professional employees can expect better hiring prospects but expansions plans have shown little improvement over the past two years. Nearly 30 percent of employers expect to hire new technical or professional employees in Q2 2013. About 20 percent of employers foresee expanding their office and clerical workforces through June.

Few employers expect cutbacks through the middle of the year with only 9 percent anticipating reducing their workforces in production and service industries. Just about 10 percent of employers foresee office and clerical workforce cutbacks and technical and professional staffing cuts are expected to hit only 7 percent of employers. Therefore, risks of job loss or furloughs remain low.

Job vacancies for technical and professional positions continue to challenge employers with 40 percent reporting difficulty filling such positions. Finding qualified techs and professionals was the primary difficulty for 45 percent of employers with 58 percent of large employers reporting difficulty in filling professional or technical vacancies. Only 7 percent were challenged with finding office and clerical candidates.


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