ring of peopleIn its 2013 Executive Mobility Report, BlueSteps has revealed that 76 of senior executives around the world are prepared to immediately change jobs given the right opportunity, and nearly half already actively searching for new positions. Executives in the technology sector were most likely to express the desire to change jobs with 55.1 percent stating that they would be very likely to consider a new opportunity immediately. Sales and marketing execs were found to be least likely to make an immediate job transition with 43.8 percent reporting to be very likely to make an immediate occupational change.

Even the difficult challenges involved in transitioning from one industry to another is not halting over one-third of executives from expected to be in a different industry within the next three years.

Peter Felix, president of BlueSteps.com, said, “Rapid changes in technology and big data is impacting every sector. The Baby Boom Generation will be exiting executive positions over the coming years, opening up more opportunities for Generation X and Millennials. While transitioning from one sector to another will remain challenging overall, shifting demographics and the focus on digital transformation will open up new opportunities for executives to make more moves across industries.”

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