virtual career fair solutionBoxwood Technology, a provider of career center and career-related services to the association community, has announced the launch of Virtual Career Fair, a cost-effective way of bringing employers and job-seekers together in a confidential setting. Employers gain the benefit of screening high quality candidates while associations benefit by delivering another valuable member service, with no staff involvement or additional costs.

“With our Virtual Career Fair product, job seekers are able to explore employers, view and apply for positions – even chat with recruiters – in one convenient location,” Christine Smith, President, Boxwood Technology, said. “This nicely complements our current Career Fair solution that helps associations better manage their onsite career fairs. Boxwood is now a one-stop shop for all of an association’s onsite and online career fair needs.”

The Boxwood Virtual Career Fair solution includes all of the marketing and sales to employers and job-seekers, billing and collections for the job postings, and registration fee management for the employers to attend the event.

“Boxwood helps the association every step of the way. And, the Virtual Career Fair comes integrated with our Career Center product enabling associations to cross-promote each service — increasing site traffic and revenue opportunities at the same time. Lastly, Virtual Career Fairs can be a great complement to existing onsite career fairs in addition to being valuable standalone events for associations, too,” continued Smith.


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