, an innovative job search tool that uses data science to connect job candidates with the best opportunities, just released a free tool to help recruiters instantly match resumes to jobs—The Bright Score Calculator. Current job seekers can also use the new feature to get an idea of how their skills and expertise match up with a certain job opening.

By looking at hundreds of factors in a resume, the Score Calculator goes beyond a typical keyword search to include synonyms, employment history,  school data, and hundreds of other factors, all to determine how qualified a  job seeker is for a specific position. According to the company, this time-saving tool helps recruiters find the best candidates before they are hired by competitors.

“Today’s hiring process is inefficient, as candidates apply to hundreds of positions very quickly, and recruiters struggle to find the best candidates among the applications,” said Marketing Director Jen Picard. “The Bright Score Calculator has been designed to remove that noise,  instantly surfacing top applicants so recruiters can spend time talking  to candidates, not pushing paper.”

The new tool not only intends to help recruiters save time, but also to connect them more efficiently with the right candidates. Recruiters can try the Bright Score Calculator by going to, entering a job title and description, and then uploading resumes. The Calculator will instantly discover a company’s top candidates, informing recruiters where to spend their time looking for viable candidates.

“Small companies don’t have the resources to adequately review all applicants, and applicant tracking systems used by larger organizations use faulty keyword matching technology – both of  which cause companies to miss out on great candidates,” said CEO Steve Goodman. “Our tool significantly reduces the time it takes recruiters to screen resumes, giving applicants a better candidate experience, while allowing recruiters to spend their time with people, not paper.”

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