capterra logoCapterra, Inc. has released a new infographic showcasing the top 20 most popular CRM software of the year. The top three companies on the list were Salesforce, Sage, and SAP with the former two dominating in number of customers and the latter with a large lead in sheer number of users. The social presences of the top three were significant but more or less comparable to several of the other companies on the list including much lower-placed providers such as Microsoft Dynamics (5th), Infusionsoft (11th), and 37signals Highrise (17th). However, higher performing companies typically recorded a higher social presence than did smaller companies.

“Infographics may not be brand new anymore, but the data we are presenting is new, and, to our knowledge, has not been compiled anywhere else on the web,” said Capterra President and CEO Michael Ortner. “With nearly 400 solutions to choose from, finding the top 20 is no easy task.”

“This year we wanted to be more objective and took voting out of the equation” said Ortner. “The popularity index only takes into account company metrics, so it’s a much more accurate picture of the market.”

CRM systems help organizations develop better client relationships by ensuring timely customer interaction, support, and relationship management. It is one of the top business applications on the market with a current market share of over $10 billion. The index ranked companies with the following weights: 40 percent on the number of organizations using the software; 40 percent on the number of users of the software; and 20 percent on a company’s social presence. The comparison consisted of the 64 leading CRM software solutions in the U.S.

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