social networking sphereMy Future Job, an online career resource aimed at Generation Y employees, has announced the launch of a career advancement platform that provides content covering jobs, career guidance, and recruitment opportunities. The site is explicitly designed to address more than just a job search, and puts a focus on providing resources for the many aspects of career development. The site provides members and recruiters a single place to interact and receive a personal user experience.

“By offering insight through compelling content about the “How to and Why Moments” most young Gen Y professionals experience during the formative years of their career path, My Future Job provides students, to employed professionals, to those seeking new opportunities to emerging entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to ensure their personal and professional success,” states Candice Setareh, My Future Job founder.

All site members have access to a large and browsable database of career opportunities from reputable companies from many industries. In addition to job search capabilities, users can receive career advice, read the personal narratives of entrepreneurs and career professionals as they pursue their careers, and find encouragement from their peers as they search for jobs and career development opportunities.

“My Future Job will change how people define and land their dream job. I created my future job because I would like to encourage people to start asking themselves how they would like to spend their day, instead of picturing what they think their dream job should be. Making money, having prestige, whatever it is… none of that is more valuable than finding your passion and pursuing it relentlessly. It’s incredibly empowering, and will guide you in all aspects of your life,” said Setareh.

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