browser urlWe’ve all undoubtedly heard of job boards like, CareerBuilder and Indeed. And with social networks like LinkedIn getting in on the action, it was only a matter of time before others followed suit.

Well, the folks from Career Cloud have created a way to simplify and improve the job search and job posting process on Twitter. The company recently released, a new search engine Career Cloud says is “the best way to search, share and save jobs on Twitter.” helps job seekers:

  • Search the newest job tweets from the past week only, so every job lead is fresh.
  • Save all job searches and easily follow new job publishers.
  • Create a skills based ‘Twesume’ that combines a user’s twitter account with his/her resume.

The search engine benefits job publishers (employers, recruiters, job boards) by:

  • Driving more traffic to their jobs posted on Twitter.
  • Increasing company’s Twitter followers through a keyword based profile so more job seekers can discover the business.
  • Searching and saving candidates through the premium search engine.
  • Posting sponsored job tweets with “awesome visual hiring images” to stand out in job search results.

Career Cloud explains that Jobcritters is more like a job search engine than a traditional job board because it uses an algorithm to flag jobs already being posted and allows job publishers to also post visual job tweets on top of those organic results. Job seekers can then sift through those job tweets to find the jobs that interest them.

“We’re proud to launch another social job search tool that helps connect candidates with recruiters and job boards,” Founder Chris Russell, said. “It’s time we start leveraging Twitter for more than just news and marketing.”

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