worldatwork logoAs a direct consequence of its WorldatWork 2012 Total Rewards Professionals’ Career Census, WorldatWork has introduced an all new career excellence model for Total Rewards professionals. Surveying 2,300 HR professionals from around the world specialized in compensation, benefits, and world-life, the census identified a list of primary differentiators of top total rewards performers; those characteristics leading to the most frequent promotions. The study also revealed that total rewards professionals are worried about a general lack of promotional opportunities due largely to nearly half of senior total rewards leaders entering organizations as external hires.

“As the global, nonprofit association for total rewards professionals, WorldatWork’s mission is to advance the knowledge and careers of total rewards professionals,” said Bonnie Kabin, CCP, vice president of professional development for WorldatWork. “The Career Excellence Model will serve as an umbrella over current and future offerings, resources and content, ensuring rewards professionals have the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.”

The key differentiators discovered in the survey, and depicted in the Career Excellence Model, include:

• Technical mastery

• Strategic business understanding

• Analytical skills and attention to detail

• Communication and connection

• Adaptability and flexibility

• Passion and proactivity

• Continuous learning

• Development support system

The data has spawned the development of programming within the model that merges technical skills education and the above characteristics. Kabin went on to say, “Initiatives such as the new Career Excellence Model, Total Rewards Professionals Week and regular member surveys all signify our strategic intent to serve and engage ‘the whole professional’ for his or her entire total rewards career by addressing the need for continuous learning at different professional levels.”


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