most, least happiest jobs in 2014CareerBliss’s annual list of happiest and unhappiest jobs has been released, analyzing more than 25,000 company reviews indicating where employees find the most happiness. The highest ranked positions were largely technology based with sales and security officers topping the list of least happy occupations.

CareerBliss’s happiest jobs of 2014 include, in descending order:

• Database administrator

• QA engineer

• Executive recruiter

• Underwriter

• Executive assistant

• Software developer

• Designer

• Program manager

• Engineer

• Administrative assistant

CareerBliss’s unhappiest jobs of 2014 include, in descending order:

• Machine operator

• Sales manager

• Marketing manager

• Technical support representative

• Sales executive

• General manager

• Customer service representative

• Accountant

• Bank brand manager

• Security officer

“With the thorough and comprehensive data capabilities specific to CareerBliss, we are proud to be able to provide insight that helps guide people in making happier career choices,” says Matt Miller, CTO and co-founder of CareerBliss. “This kind of data can prove valuable in the assessment of current careers and perhaps help steer individuals in a direction that might be most beneficial to their overall job happiness.”

“As we have seen over the years, technology jobs continue to grow in the marketplace and in the interest of individuals looking to make a career move,” says Miller. “The influx of these kinds of positions makes sense as the landscape of our world continues to change, and are indicative of individuals’ desire to enhance their own knowledge in an industry that offers more and more professional education.”


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