career cloud offers new social referral serviceA new service from social recruiting company is set to address the national unemployment problem and the talent gap by allowing job seekers to see where their Facebook friends and LinkedIn connects work, simplifying the referral process. Personal referrals are extremely important as proven by recent studies finding that job candidates are three to four times more likely to be hired when they receive a referral from someone who works where they have applied. The service, called Jobs with Friends, is a free application available on the CareerCloud website.

New users only need to synchronize their connections from both Facebook and LinkedIn and the service automatically organizes all companies found within their social networks. Users are then able to search for jobs at these firms and ask their relevant social connections for referrals. Users may also provide a resume to the friend while also submitting it to their company’s HR department.

“If I’m looking for a job, I’d rather start with a tool like this,” CareerCloud CEO, Chris Russell, said. “Being able to leverage one’s contacts is a much better way to look for work. Not only will it help you get hired faster, but your friend will probably get a referral bonus from their employer. It’s a win-win.”

Other features provided by the site include:

• Invites for friends to check where their connections work;

• Social network searching by name or company;

• Option to “Ask what it’s like to work there”;

• Hide connection not wished to be viewed;

• Research buttons to study company information via social sites such as Google, Twitter, and YouTube with a single click;

• integration enabling notifications when a connection works at a job listed on this career site.


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