Many stay-at-home parents would like to work — but entering the workforce is easier said than done for people in this position.

The most obvious obstacle is finding a job with enough flexibility. Stay-at-home parents stay at home precisely because they are parents — that is, they have children they must care for. Stay-at-home parents need jobs they can do on their schedules, which are understandably tied to their children’s schedules.

Stay-at-home parents also face a fair bit of discrimination from employers. In a 2018 study, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Professor Kate Weisshaar decided to see just how much bias these parents face. She describes the study:

“I sent fictitious resumes to real job openings. I developed a set of resumes to represent three types of job applicants: currently employed applicants with no employment gaps, unemployed applicants, and stay-at-home parent applicants.”

Weisshaar found that only 4.9 percent of stay-at-home mothers got callbacks after sending their resumes to employers, vs. 15.3 percent of the employed mothers and 9.7 percent of unemployed mothers. Stay-at-home fathers faced similar results: 14.6 percent of the employed fathers and 8.8 percent of unemployed fathers received callbacks, compared to only 5.4 percent of stay-at-home fathers.

How can stay-at-home parents find work that is suitably flexible while facing such levels of bias? Independent recruiting may be the answer.

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Independent Recruiting: A Flexible, Lucrative Career for Stay-at-Home Parents

Recruiters, as you may know, specialize in connecting job seekers with employers in need. They help companies fill open roles with top-tier talent while helping skilled professionals find fulfilling jobs. While some recruiters are employed by corporations or recruiting firms, independent recruiters have more freedom. Services like’s Job Market Platform connect these recruiters with employers who have open roles. Independent recruiters help these employers find the right candidates they need, earning money for each role they fill.

Why should stay-at-home parents consider independent recruiting? Because few careers are as flexible and lucrative. Plus, the bar to entry is relatively low, which means stay-at-home parents can get into the field without having to jump through numerous hoops. Finally, as an independent recruiter, you are your own boss. The issue of bias is completely sidestepped.

1. Independent Work Options

As an independent recruiter, you have control over your work arrangement. You can work when you want, as little or as much as you want.

Do you need something you can do while the kids are at school? Independent recruiting can give you that. Are nights and weekends better for you? Again, independent recruiting can work for you. No matter how complex your schedule is, independent recruiting can accommodate it.

Plus, the skills you learn as a recruiter are transferable skills that can be applied to almost any other profession: communication skills, problem-solving, negotiation, client relations, customer service, sales skills, marketing skills, and more. If you’d like to re-enter the workforce as a full-time, employed professional at a later date, your time as an independent recruiter will help you stand out from the crowd.

Or you can make recruiting your full-time job — which many people do. And why not? It gives you freedom, flexibility, and lots of earning power.

2. Unlimited Earning Potential

As a recruiter, you are paid for your results. That means the sky is the limit as far as your earning potential is concerned. It’s relatively easy to make significant money in short periods of time.

Instead of your pay being tied to the hours you put in, it is tied to the value you deliver to clients. Each role you fill can be worth as much as thousands of dollars.

3. Short Ramp-Up Time

You don’t have to go back to school or get a special degree to become a recruiter. You don’t need to spend years studying, interning, apprenticing, or otherwise preparing. As a stay-at-home parent, you don’t have time for that — and recruiting won’t make you do it.

After picking up just a few basic concepts and skills, you can get in the door and start earning.

This is exactly what the Certification Program (RCP) is here for. Designed for people with no recruiting experience, the RCP teaches you everything you need to know about recruiting, from sourcing candidates to landing clients to filling roles. As an RCP graduate, you’ll be a more productive recruiter in less time — which can translate easily to higher earnings, too.

If you want freedom, flexibility, high earning potential, and some very marketable skills, a career in recruiting is the right move for you. Check out the Certification Program to get started today:

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