expanding blue arrowsThe AXIS Platform from Castle Rock Innovations is connecting the industry with its centralized data aggregation engine to simplify and automate the process of disclosing retirement plan fees, compensation, and services to plan fiduciaries. AXIS is connected to over 70 record keeping firms and provides a centralized data aggregation, compliance management and distribution solution for the industry.

Michael Marr, COO and president of Castle Rock Innovations, Inc. said, “We have been managing our clients data aggregation and compliance related services for over 3 years now through AXIS by creating a zero touch environment. We want to do the hard work so that our clients can focus on growing their business. We provide data connectivity from over 70 leading record keeping firms in the industry to our mutual clients. The key to our success has been the fact that we can take the data in any format and as many files as possible. We do the data stitching and normalization to provide services to our clients.”

Castle Rock Innovations’s AXIS Retirement Analytics Platform allows for data providers to connect with mutual clients in new automated ways that allow for companies to avoid worrying about data management so IT can focus on business related projects.

“The entire process is streamlined and automated. Our mutual clients do not want to be in the data management business either and we solve that problem for them. AXIS provides the 408(b)(2), 404a-5 and benchmarking for many of our clients utilizing this automated process so that there is no further data entry by advisors. We maintain the compliance and all compliance related changes for our clients in one central location and proactively monitor the plans to notify our client of their required disclosure due dates,” added Marr.


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