next-gen digital signage playerCAYIN Technology has announced the launch of its next-generation digital signage player, embedded with renewed and upgraded SMP-NEO system software. The CAYIN SMP-NEO series digital signage player includes four significant features of SMP-NEO:

  • SMP-NEO has a new UI that utilizes various visualizations, such as infographics, calendars, maps, icons, and network topologies, to present data visually. Equipped with a web-based Skin Editor, users can design their own digital content by performing a drag-and-drop operation to define the size and the location of each zone. The service also provides free downloads of many templates and clocks.
  • SMP-NEO supports dynamic playback modes and includes multiple zones with independent schedules and full-screen presentations as digital posters, among others. SMP-NEO also supports a variety of multimedia formats and can playback 1080p, full-HD video, Flash animation, HTML5 web pages, images, music, and text tickers. Users can play real-time video by directly connecting to a TV tuner or other multimedia devices.
  • SMP-NEO integrates popular web services such as, Twitter, weather, news, and streaming videos.
  • Managing with the SuperMonitor 4 and SuperReporter 2 software, SMP-NEO allows marketers to monitor specific campaigns in real time and further collect important data and insights from digital signage.

Ravel Chi, vice president of CAYIN Technology, said, “SMP-NEO is the most significant upgrade for us over the years. The software provides users with higher performance and stable technology than ever. We strongly believe that SMP-NEO will bring higher user experience and great business opportunities to our clients.”

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