performancetrac 2.0Chally Group Worldwide has released PerformanceTrac 2.0 for businesses to target development solutions and drive productivity across the workforce. PerformanceTrac provides data-driven diagnoses of workforce potential and comparisons of that data with the current state of performance. This helps determine a precise transition and developmental plan necessary to meet strategic goals.

“We know the key drivers of revenue growth often focus on sales force effectiveness. With PerformanceTrac, our clients can pinpoint future sales managers and leaders, and identify what development they will need,” says Bob Schwab, senior vice president, sales and marketing. “Other outcomes include reduced turnover and increased productivity within your current workforce, providing real improvement channels for motivated employees.”

The core PerformanceTrac offering also brings several value-added components for assisting in development planning:

• An executive summary report, which summarizes results of employees on the Chally Sales and Management profile including a competencies grid and recommended coaching and development.

• An Aggregate Gap report that displays Potential and Observed scoring by individual, competency, and profile.

• An Individual Report aimed at participants that offers feedback on each employee’s strengths, areas needing improvement, and tips on focusing a development plan.

“Chally has established the deepest and broadest database of any other Talent Management provider,” stated CEO Ken Carroll. “We have uncovered insights and opportunities from new and emerging sources of data over the past 40 years to achieve a significant analytics foundation. By giving our customers the ability to predict performance, we provide analytics that enable them to transform their workforce into the high-performance force necessary to survive and thrive.”


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