CoachAlba_Infographic sectionNowadays, the average person uses his or her cell phone for just about everything—and the average company is following suit.

Employers have begun to take their corporate wellness initiatives on-the-go with Coach Alba, a text-based mobile health coaching service.

Employees can use the tool to set private reminders for “crucial moments,” i.e. the tough times when they’re tempted to forgo healthy behaviors. These could include late-night snacking, smoking breaks and times when a person begins to feel stressed, to name a few. Coach Alba uses smart-texting to interact with individuals and help them overcome temptation. The company says its service it known for its high engagement results because the texting is direct and has incredibly high read rates.

How It Works

When users register their phones at, they can choose from common crucial moments they might want to overcome. Crucial moments are broken down into three categories: cravings, situational and mood-based.

The tool then helps users determine:

  • When their next crucial moment will be (e.g. Tonight at 9 PM); and
  • How to overcome the crucial moment (e.g. Brush my teeth after dinner so I’m not

tempted to snack).

Just before the crucial moment is set to occur, users receive a text from Coach Alba, reminding them of the tactic they’re going to use. Then, after the crucial moment has passed, Coach Alba will ask users to rate how well they were able to manage the crucial moment.

The motivation and accountability tool works to help users develop mastery over their crucial moments during 30-day increments. Users can even access an online dashboard to track their progress throughout the program,

Coach Alba offers employers:

  • Unprecedented engagement with up to 95% response rates
  • Measurable results with changing behavior during tough crucial moments
  • Text messaging reaching employees 24/7
  • Customized registration page catering to specific user population
  •  Group text messaging platform for other wellness communications

Interested employers can try a demo at


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