video interviewingBy now you’ve probably heard about and/or considered incorporating video interviewing into your recruitment and hiring process. Video interviewing promises efficiency in the interview process, both from a cost and productivity standpoint. Broad adoption of video technology by consumers has further propelled interest in the video interview technology space.

So why not just use Skype? Or start a Google Hangout? Recruitment technology providers have developed sophisticated interfaces that go way beyond video chatting. You may be able to draw certain distinctions between video interviewing, which might consist of using any type of video technology to interview candidates and digital interviewing, which is a more comprehensive recruitment specific solution. A total digital interviewing solution may include features like question and response tracking, candidate ratings, and team feedback. HireVue made this infographic to explain some of the differences in an easy way.

digital interviewingThis infographic was developed (of course) by HireVue, which is a leading provider of digital and live interviewing. We wanted to share this infographic because it clearly states some of the differences between digital interviewing and video interviewing – both of which are relatively new hiring technologies and deserve exploration by recruiting and talent acquisition professionals.

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