release of confirmit smart hubSaaS vendor Confirmit has announced the release of Version 18 of its Confirmit Horizons solution for customer experience, employee engagement, and market research. Innovations introduced in the new release enable organizations to maximize the value of all data sources and obtain richer insights for smarter decision making and faster reactions to changing business needs. Horizons Version 18 also introduces Confirmit SmartHub, a customer engagement hub enabling businesses to capture, analyze, and respond to customer and market feedback in real time across multiple sources and channels.

A new analysis module, Instant Analytics, provides immediate insights requiring no additional trading. The Active Dashboards module offers data visualization for information analysis and trends tracking. The Action Management module enables businesses to automatically trigger actions based on up-to-date information customer, employee, and market sources.

New features offered by Confirmit SmartHub include:

• Listening across select channels with new support for Windows Phone 8 and Firefox OS and large telephone interviewing operations.

• Support for photos and images in online surveys and continuous GPS tracking through SODA 3.0.

• Capturing and mapping of all insights within a single, central hub.

Active Dashboards and Reportal provide:

• Survey design and management using full-text search across templates and surveys with full auditing trail locating in survey authoring.

• Information interpretation using dashboards created with wizard-based dashboard and enhancing chart engine.

• Delivery of immediate insight for all stakeholders on all devices including performance and trends views against key performance indicators.

Instant Analytics and Action Management features include:

• Instant feedback analysis for early insights into survey performance.

• Automated case creation based on real-time alerts and workflows configuration and rules that reflect business processes.


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