automated reporting and admin supportEnterprise productivity software provider DocsCorp has announced the release of contentCrawler 2.1, the recently updated version of its integrated analysis, processing and reporting software that makes content fully searchable. contentCrawler provides an end-to-end solution that examines image-based documents and converts them to searchable PDFs. The newest update also includes usability and performance improvements.

The new tool features faster processing over its predecessor utilizing multi-threading for optimized support for modern CPUs with up to 32 cores. Running on a 16 core CPU, contentCrawler can OCR (optical character recognition) up to 350,000 pages per day. New search filters provide more control over processed document types and can exclude selected document types from searches for improved processing times.

Administrative improvements to contentCrawler include:

• Establishment of various service email notifications for reporting on the progress of the craw and requesting statistics and error-reporting emails.

• Instant access to progress status of individual documents being OCR’d.

• An information display providing information, such as total page number and size of in-process documents.

• Configurable, multilingual OCR with support for over 180 languages.

• Export process reports as CSV files for review.

• Configurable disk space limit allows users to specify the minimum free space threshold for document caching.

The contentCrawler 2.1 trial is available for download to show how much non-searchable content is present in content repositories. The program integrates with Autonomy iManage, Autonomy TRIM, OpenText eDOCS DM, ProLaw, MS SharePoint, and Windows file systems. contentCrawler will soon offer integration with OpenText Content Server and Worldox.


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