new alternative asset management product suiteConvergence, an information and advisory services provider, announced its 2014 product update. Convergence captures, normalizes, and enriches all registered investment advisors’ form ADV, brochure and supplemental schedule information filed with the SEC. This core data is updated daily and supplemented with public domain intelligence relevant to the RIA.

Convergence’s database contains a comprehensive set of infrastructure data capturing 100 percent of daily RIA regulatory filings and supplements. The technology consists of institutional analytical tools and individual analytical tools delivered via a web-enabled portal or direct download file interfacing with in-house and CRM systems. Analytical products include The Manager Profile, Key C-Suite Executives, Manager Benchmarking, Market Share Analyzer, Client Benchmarking Analysis, Business Development Targeting, Time Series Analysis, Material Event Analysis, Fund Expense Practices Analysis, Regulatory History Analysis, Talent Acquisition Manager and Manager Profile – Individual. The data enable clients to objectively research, compare and extract enriched data points to a fully defined peer group.

Convergence has also recently updated its website to reflect the enhanced product capabilities for Asset Managers, Administrators, Audit Firms, Financial Technology Firms, Recruiters, Investment Management Consultants, Investors, Banks, Colleges and Universities and Individual subscribers.

“Convergence’s mission to provide an independent view of data to shape an optimal infrastructure model for Managers, Service Providers and Investors remains our focus,” said Convergence co-managing partner, George Evans. “Re-launching the website reflects Convergence’s continual enhancement of its products to meet the needs of our clients. The new website helps clients understand how they can better utilize Convergence data, advisory and research services to achieve revenue, product and expense goals.”


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