blue ocean brain appDevelopment team Blue Ocean Brain has announced the release of a new corporate training application designed for mid-to-large sized companies comprised of a high volume of knowledge workers. The app is designed to supplement the effectiveness of physical wellness investments by providing a developmental platform for the critical thinking and problem solving skills.

“The fact is we live in a knowledge-economy. Companies pay people to think for a living. Those companies that can ignite employees will benefit from the discretionary effort employees put forth. Helping employees to become strategic thinkers will set great organizations apart,” Claire Herring, co-creator of, said.

The Blue Ocean Brain is a gamified web-based application offering daily critical thinking exercises devised by wellness and change management expert to increase mental capabilities and employee engagement. The training application is also customizable to any organizational branding scheme.

“We serve up bite-sized exercises that employees want to learn. Creating a self-directed, micro-learning environment increases participation and changes daily habits,” Gemma Brooks, co-creator, said. “Employees actually login on the weekends to learn new skills and work to stay at the top of the leader board. The competitive aspects of Blue Ocean Brain really excite our users and help drive employee engagement.”

In the descriptive words of Claire Herring, “We created everything in a Lego-style format. Gamification techniques are used to boost performance. Buyers can design special features according to their training and development needs. In fact, they have the opportunity to create their own unique features if needed.”


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