By some estimates, the demand for data science talent is outstripping the supply by 50 percent.

While that’s bad news for employers, it’s potentially great news for students wondering about their career paths and established professionals looking to make a change.

Data scientists are some of the most well-paid professionals, with the median salary for a junior-level data science employee clocking in at $91,000. Management-level data scientists can expect to earn around $250,000.

And aside from being in demand and highly paid, the data scientist also gets to do meaningful work every day, using the latest technology to better understand the business landscape and contribute to critical strategic and tactical decisions.

For more information about the data scientist market, check out this new infographic from the University of California, Riverside’s online Master of Science in engineering program:

Most-Exciting-Career-of-the-21st-Century--The-Data-Scientist-Shortage-03 (1)

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