dataservDataServ, a provider of document and process automation SaaS solutions is now offering a solution especially for travel and expense (TE) reporting. Easily working with existing travel partners, the new solution helps clients more simply manage expense reports. The TE solution is an enhancement to DataServ’s existing P2P solution and offers a number of new benefits including:

• Replacing paper and Excel-based expense reporting;

• Integration under one platform with accounts payable;

• The provision of a simple user interface to easy move through the change management process; and

• Requires no additional purchases of travel management systems, helping reduce both financial and time expenditures when setting up and maintaining the DataServ’s TE solution.

The solution offers full enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration and gives users one-click uploading functionality for corporate credit card transaction. Jeff Haller, DataServ managing partners said, “Companies wanting more control over their TE reporting without the high cost and difficult change management of a complicated, cumbersome tracking system will be thrilled with DataServ’s TE Solution. More than half of DataServ’s clients are still using spreadsheets with paper receipts to track travel and expense reporting, so the need for an easily implemented, usable solution is high.”

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