news block lettersOnly a few days after updating its employee communication tool with RSS functionality, DeskAlerts has announced the addition of an in-message video recording tool that will allow internal communications to contain video and audio content. Utilizing existing webcams, the new feature allows multimedia content to be created and disseminated quickly. Each multimedia message can be sent to specific recipient groups, dedicated organizational units, or individual users.

Vassily Salomatov, CEO at DeskAlerts, said, “As an employee communication tool, DeskAlerts has proven itself to be the most efficient means of getting critical information to a workforce. We pride ourselves on this capability and the fact that communications sent via DeskAlerts can’t be missed or ignored in the same way that email can. The new video recording functionality is a continuation of this commitment to creating messages that command attention. Studies have shown that video and audio communications are the most effective means of delivering critical messages, making this new feature of huge commercial value.”

Acting as a web-based, unidirectional, internal communications system, DeskAlerts is a fail-safe tool for sending emergency alerts, updates, and reminders to employees, even during a network failure. The system is compliant with text, images, and Flash while providing receipt tracking and a centralized storage location for all messages. For more information about DeskAlerts visit

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