discoverorg for salesforce 3.0Tech sales and marketing intelligence tools provider DiscoverOrg has announced the launch of DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0 on the AppExchange on The app clarifies for IT vendors the key IT decision makers, their projects, and how to reach them. The native connection to Salesforce ensures that users are capable of instantly transferring any record as a lead or contact into the platform. At the same time that it transfers data, the connector searches for duplicate records and deletes them and automatically refreshes the regularly-updated contact information monitored by over 80 researchers at DiscoverOrg.

“As Salesforce is such a widely used tool for corporate sales teams, our customers who use it demand a connection that allows a seamless flow of fresh, updated and accurate contact data from DiscoverOrg directly inside their Salesforce environment,” said Henry Schuck, co-founder and chief revenue officer for DiscoverOrg. “Over the last two years, we have invested heavily in our DiscoverOrg for Salesforce application as we recognize that Salesforce is where many of our customers are and where we need to be. Sales reps are now even more empowered by the improved functionality to identify key decision makers, book appointments, fill their pipelines and close deals faster.”

Key features of the new tool include:

• Quicker page loading

• Leads and contacts are viewable in the DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts.

• Redesigned look and feel of the interface.

• New configurability that allows users to decide whether or not they want to overwrite Salesforce data or use it to fill in blank fields.

• Daily updated summary of records that are emailed through the platform’s auto-update function.

• The ability to tag and records with a DiscoverOrg ID ensuring that they are automatically updated using current data from DiscoverOrg.


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